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Please note aQtive is no longer a trading company.   This site is maintained as a legacy only.

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new user
2.7Mb - approximately 16 minutes on a 33.6k modem.

This package contains everything you need to use onCue.

If you are already using onCue, or you know what a "Java Runtime Environment" is then use our "upgrade or expert" package to cut your download time.

This package is suitable for an unattended download.

upgrade or expert
740k - approximately 4 minutes on a 33.6k modem.

Upgrade: Use this package if you want to upgrade from a previous version of onCue. If you're not sure which version of onCue you have, click on the "aQtive swirl icon" and choose "help" from the menu.

Expert: This package is also suitable for people who have a "JavaSoft Java Runtime Environment v1.1" correctly installed. The setup program automatically checks for this, and will download a "JRE" if needed.

This package should not be used for an unattended download as it may need to download the "JRE" separately.

System Requirements
Hardware : Pentium PC or equivalent
Speed : P166 or better
Memory : 32 mb RAM, minimum
Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT4
Internet Connectivity: Modem or LAN
Third Party Software: JavaSoft JRE1.1.8
(automatically downloaded if required)

download onCue 1.1 for free
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