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If you are reading this having just run onCue, or found this in a folder on your local hard disk, the chances are that you've already installed onCue! If so, this information is for reference only.

The installer is pretty clever: it will detect an earlier versions of onCue and update it as necessary. If you already have the Java Runtime Environment on your computer, it will detect that too and save you putting another copy on your machine. If you are downloading from the web, this saves a lot of time as the JRE is the largest component. It also detects partial downloads, caused by a failed web connection, or the machine being turned off, or whatever, and will continue the download from where it left off, thus saving you time.

  • To install onCue, simply click on the installer and follow the on-screen instructions...
  • UNLESS you already have a previous version of onCue which you did not install in the default directory (C:\Program Files\aQtive), and you wish to update this version. If this is the case, read the section below.

Updating onCue v1.0

If you installed the previous version into the default directory, simply run the installer.

If you put it somewhere else, open a DOS window and move to the directory with the Installer in. Then type

Installer path

where path is the alternative installation path. This will update your version of onCue in this directory.

Note that if you simply want to install version 1.1 and retain version 1.0, the easiest way is to use the installer.


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