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Extending onCue with your own or third-party Qbits

onCue is composed of small components called Qbits, which give access to a variety of different web and desktop services. It is possible to create new Qbits and include Qbits created by others.

The aQtive developers/academic pack contains information on how to extend onCue as well as other technical and theoretical information about onCue and aQtive technology. This page has links to some sections of the pack.

There are three ways to add to onCue - using Java Qbits (for experts only!), using XML Qbits or using aQtive wizards to build XML Qbits for you.

The easiest way is to use the aQtive wizards on the aQtive web site (available soon), or one of the XML Qbit 'recipes' below. Neither of these routes requires any programming skill, although some understanding of the web (HTML, URLs) is assumed.

recipes to extend onCue

other pages about extending onCue


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