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Icon Guide

onCue gives you fast access to a range of services on the Internet and on your computer. Most of the services require you to be connected to the Internet to access them, but onCue will suggest them whether you are connected or not. Some services, marked A, are available even when you are not on-line. Here are the icons for services available at the time of this release. We are continually adding new services, and an updated icon guide is included with each onCue update.


the aQtive icon
double-click here to iconise onCue, single click to get the onCue menu, or drag with the mouse to move the window A
allows you to send aQtive an email message or takes you to the aQtive online feedback forum A
access to local onCue help files, or extra documentation on the aQtive website A

Update onCue
onCue has detected that an updated version is available - double-click to update your copy

Words and Spelling

look up word in the online dictionary or thesaurus - click once on the icon and choose the one you want (defaults to the dictionary)

Mirriam Webster
look up word in Mirriam Webster's dictionary

Word Spell Checker
a word is misspelt - choose alternative using the Microsoft Word spell checker A

Numbers and Graphs

add up numbers A
Dancing Histograms
draw a table as a dancing histogram: use the chart in another document; include it as a dynamic applet in your own web page A
Excel Charts
use Excel to chart a table A

Names and Postcodes

Mail To
send an email to the selected email address using your default mail tool

looks up a person's name in Switchboard - the online USA telephone and address directory
looks up a person's name in a UK telephone and address directory - from a UK postcode will also give you access to cinema information for that area

BT PhoneNet
looks up a UK telephone number, given a name

from a UK postcode takes you to the MultiMap page of the area (zoom-able road map) - this also gives access to other local information
from a UK postcode takes you to MapQuest for driving directions or a map
looks up a UK postcode in UpMyStreet, which gives information about the area including house prices, schools, etc.

Royal Mail
looks up a UK postcode in the Royal Mail postcode database and gives the addresses of houses in that area

Information sources and searching

search for words on the Internet using AltaVista
Ask Jeeves
search for words on the Internet using the Ask Jeeves meta-search
search for relevant online discussion groups and forums
Encyclopaedia Britannica
look up word in the online Encyclopaedia Britannica

search encyclopedia.com for information about words or phrases

search for words on the Internet using Excite

search for information using Google

search for words on the Internet using HotBot

search for words on the Internet using Lycos

search for relevant web sites using the Yahoo! directory
search for information in Hansard
search for relevant web sites using About.com
search for relevant web sites using WebRing
search for information on the Web using Infoseek
search for information on the Web using WebCrawler
search for goods on the Web using LookSmart
Meta Crawler
search for information on the Web using MetaCrawler


Web Browser
go to a web address using your default web browser

Internet Address Utilities

Code to Country
converts the 2 letter country codes used in Internet domain names (ma, au, etc.) into their corresponding country names (Malaysia, Australia, etc.)
Country to Code
converts country name (Malaysia, Australia, etc.) into its 2 letter country code (ma, au, etc.)
look up .com, .org or .net domain name using Network Solutions "Who Is" service - tells you whether the name is available and, if not, who owns it!
Host to IP address
converts an internet host name (e.g. www.hiraeth.com) into its corresponding IP address (e.g.
IP address to Host
converts a numerical IP address (e.g. into its corresponding host name (e.g. www.hiraeth.com)


On This Day
search On this Day for the selected date

We are often asked 'How can I make such and such a Qbit appear in onCue?' You may want to exploit onCue's abilities by deliberately copying items to evoke particularly useful shortcuts. These are some examples of the forms of data onCue recognises.

  • a word or series of words
  • a URL http://www.hiraeth.com, www.hiraeth.com
  • an email address feedback@aqtive.com
  • a series of numbers 22 45 1 367 (SumIt! will be suggested)
  • a table of data (see example in the walkthrough tutorial)
  • a UK postcode B15 2SQ
  • a date in the form 25/12/00 or 25/12/2000; and 12/25/00 or 12/25/2000
  • a capitalised name Amanda Jones
  • IP address
  • domain names aqtive.com, aqtive.net or aqtive.org
  • country Malaysia and country code ma (country to code and vice versa will be suggested)

N.B. the Internet services that onCue refers you to are not run by aQtive limited and aQtive is not responsible for their accuracy or content.

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