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What is onCue?

aQtive's onCue is an intuitive, dynamic software application that takes the user to their computer's resources quickly and with minimum fuss.

PC users have a wide range of desktop applications (like Microsoft Word and Excel) at their fingertips, not to mention the massive variety of services available on the Internet. Most people spend a considerable amount of time darting back and forth between applications. onCue makes Internet and desktop usage more productive by providing relevant shortcuts, reducing the need for users to break the flow of their work.

onCue gives you easy access to a range of services on the Internet and on your computer. It's clever enough to recognise the sorts of things you're doing and then suggest what's appropriate. If you're a novice, it brings the Internet to you when you need it. It cuts through the mess and the tangle and helps you to find useful services. If you're an expert, it gets you where you want to be faster and with less effort.

The beta version of onCue 1.2 is packed with useful new services (Qbits) and a variety of new features, making it more flexible and user friendly. The new features include:

  • Fully customisable interface allowing you to specify color schemes, backgrounds and more.
  • Preferences dialog which lets you select your own favourite Qbits.
  • Many new Qbits featuring even more useful Internet services.
  • Extended Qbits with more shortcuts and options.
  • General speed and stability enhancements.
  • Powerful XML API that allows developers and users to extend onCue with Qbits for their own favourite web services and information.


Qbits are the things that onCue does. For example, a web search Qbit recognises when you have copied a word or phrase to the clipboard and suggests a search site on the internet where you can look for information about the word or words. Some Qbits recognise certain special sorts of data, for example postcodes or email addresses. Each Qbit has its own icon that appears in the onCue window when onCue thinks that a particular Qbit may be of use to you as you work. If you don't recognise a Qbit, you can look it up in the Icon Guide.

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