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Please note aQtive is no longer a trading company.   This site is maintained as a legacy only.

aQtive wizards

These wizards allow you to extend onCue by simply filling in fields on an on-line web form. the aQtive wizard generates a file (an XML Qbit) which you can plug into your copy of onCue.

Note that these wizards assume onCue v1.2 or later. If you are running a previous version, please download onCue 1.2, the upgrade process is quite quick.

See the onCue Developers' Pack for details of other ways to extend onCue, including writing your own XML Qbits and Java Qbits.

If you build web sites or are aware of web developments, you have probably heard of XML. XML is an international standard for describing structured information in text files. We use it to describe patterns to recognise data and to describe things to do in onCue.

'Qbit' is onCue's name for the services it offers. XML Qbits are small specification files that say what keywords or patterns to recognise and what to do with them (often invoke a web service). Some of onCue's built-in services are included as XML files. You can add new XML Qbits into onCue to extend it, either ones you have produced yourself, or from other users.

The full range of things you can do with XML Qbits is quite complex, but the wizards allow you to produce some simple, but powerful extensions to onCue v1.2.

current wizards

Keep an eye on our developers pages, for bug reports, fixes, helpful hints, etc., or email us at developers@aqtive.com.

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