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Dr Russell Beale

Chief Executive Officer

Education: D.Phil. (University of York) BSc. (Hons.) (University of York) F.R.G.S.

Also Lecturer in Computer Science, University of Birmingham. Founder and director of NFW, responsible for the creation, design, and timely delivery of technologically advanced solutions to, primarily, government clients.

Russell Beale has a worldwide reputation in applying artificial intelligence and neural networks to human-computer interaction. Invited speaker at relevant conferences. Editor of Oxford University Press's Handbook of Neural Computation, the leading reference work in the field. Author of two best-selling (in academic terms) undergraduate textbooks on neural networks and on human-computer interaction (with others) and over 50 academic papers and books. Teacher, outdoor pursuits instructor.

Extensive travel and expeditions: recently returned from two years travelling and exploring in South America, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand (visiting fellowship at the University of Waikato), Fiji, South Africa. Involved in UK's development of world's first deep sea bathymetric sonar system (draws maps with heights of sea floor as well as taking pictures).

Personal interests include sailing (currently racing a Laser4000 on the open circuit), yachting, canoeing, diving, travel, exploration, mountain biking, mountain walking.

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