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check your spelling with onCue

"I wish my Word spell checker worked everywhere"

Have you ever thought that? You're sending an email, filling in a web page form, viewing a web page online and wonder "is that really how it's spelt?". You wish you could use your Microsoft Word spell checker in every application. Well, now you can!

If you have onCue and copy any word, onCue will automatically check it in your Word spell checker (*). If it's spelt right nothing happens, but if not the Word spell icon appears.

Even better, possible corrections drop down as a menu when you click on the icon and you can simply paste back the correct word into your document, spreadsheet, email message, or wherever you like.

* this feature of onCue requires you to have Word97 or Office2000
Microsoft, Word97 and Office 2000 are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.

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"Taking the idea of a desktop assistant to a new level ..."

PC Advisor, 49.

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