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find a long-lost friend with onCue

"I wonder where they all are now?"

Dave and Mary are making a web page for Oaks High School Class of '83 alumni. They look down the long list of names. So many memories, some happy, some sad. So many friends - Jane, she's working down in Vermont, and Jerry, he went to Australia, but what about Samantha and Jean, Hal and Thomas?

"I know", says Mary "we can use onCue".

Mary has onCue on her computer. One by one they select the names from the web page, press ctrl-C and onCue suggests various people-finders on the web. With a click onCue takes them to information (email addresses, telephone numbers etc.) in the US, UK and elsewhere.

A few emails and telephone calls later and they find that Samantha is running a successful IT business in London. Hal has three children and is only living a few miles from Dave's house. Soon their alumni page is more than a list of names, it's become a living link to old friends - email addresses, web pages.

And something else, all those old friends, they're suddenly new friends too.

download onCue - find friends, get maps of where they are, add up numbers, search the Internet, and much, much more ... and it's free!

Download onCue FREE!!!

"Taking the idea of a desktop assistant to a new level ..."

PC Advisor, 49.

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