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get data into Excel with onCue

how do I get unformatted data into Excel?

Jenny and Mervin both get an email from the sales team including a table of the last months sales by region and product.

                         month sales ($1000)
                    Europe     USA    Canada   Australia     
  Leather Goods       60       230      50        30
  Fashion Clothes    150       100      70        40
  Jewellery            30       150      60        30


Mervin launches Microsoft Excel, then selects the table, copies it and pastes it into Excel. Disaster! The table that looked so neat in the email is a mess, a whole line of numbers appears in each cell.

Jenny has onCue. She simply selects the table and reaches for onCue. On the onCue window the Excel icon appears. She clicks the icon and selects from the menu. Then, automatically, onCue launches Excel, creates a new spreadsheet, puts the data in - well formatted - and plots a graph of the data as well!

* this feature of onCue requires you to have Word97 or Office2000
Microsoft and Excel are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.

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