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put dynamic graphs on your web pages with onCue

"I want my web page useful and dynamic"

You've all seen it. Web pages with flashing signs, spinning balls, moving lines - very dynamic, but what's it all for?

On the other hand, there are the really useful sites - lots of information, pages of links, tables full of accurate statistics, so very, very useful .. (yawn) ... oops, sorry, just dropping off, where was I?

Oh yes, useful web pages. Do you ever wish you could have pages that were useful and dynamic?

With onCue, you can, turning tables of data into dynamic dancing histograms - with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Jane is making the web pages for Floppy Banana Fruits International - her first page looked like this - "definitely the yawn category", she thinks.

Jane finds the sales table on the live web page, selects the table with her mouse and copies it ....

onCue reponds by showing several icons including the dancing histogram icon.

She clicks on this and a dancing histogram window appears.,

Click it now to see what she saw ... move your mouse over the histogram and click the coloured blocks to see it move.

She then chooses the "copy as HTML" menu option and pastes it into her own HTML. Instantly she has a web page with a dynamic dancing histogram. See her new web page.

download onCue - find friends, get maps of where they are, add up numbers, search the Internet, and much, much more ... and it's free!

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"Taking the idea of a desktop assistant to a new level ..."

PC Advisor, 49.

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