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an Intranet story

the setting - one day - without onCue - with onCue

the setting

Roche and Roller, Machine Components Ltd. are a large bearing and pipe manufacturing company. Over the years they have bought specialist IT solutions for many aspects of their business including customer info, order fulfillment and customer accounts. Each of these has a back-end database, but, these are not as tightly integrated as the IT Manager would like. (To be frank they aren't integrated at all!)

The customer database can be keyed on customer name and holds, amongst other things, the customer ID. Other parts of the system use this customer id as an index key, including both the order process and tracking database and the accounts database.

Recently the different databases have been made available on a company Intranet. Everyone agrees how much more accessible they are now. Instead of having to ring someone in accounts, it is now possible to check the accounts database directly. However, few employees fully understand the Intranet databases and they are still only integrated insofar as they all have web interfaces.

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