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an Intranet story

the setting - one day - without onCue - with onCue

… but with onCue

Let's see what would have happened if Doreen had processed the customer query with onCue's help.

copy the customers name

Doreen simply copies the customer's name from the email message.

onCue recognises the name

The onCue customer name recogniser queries the customer database and discovers Joe Bloggs is a customer name and looks up his customer id. The customer information service icon appears in onCue's window. If she wanted to, Doreen could just double click this to see the customer information:

However, something more urgent catches her attention.

onCue checks the account

Once it has a valid customer ID, onCue looks it up the customer in the customer accounts database to check if account is on hold. It is and the red account service warning appears.

onCue finds the order

onCue also knows that it can find order details from a customer ID and so the view last order service icon appears.

Doreen checks the account

Doreen can see the red warning icon and simply double-clicks on it to see what is wrong. She can instantly see the account is on hold and that £10,000 is overdue.

Doreen checks the order

With a double-click on the view last order icon, Doreen can also view last order to (it is ready for dispatch).

service with a smile

Doreen takes this back to Kathy who calls the customer to explain that the order will be sent as soon as he settles his account.

Joe Bloggs checks his books and realises he's left paying Roche and Roller's invoice a little too long. He sends a cheque and within days Roche and Roller have their £10,000 and Joe Bloggs has his steel pipes. Surprise, surprise? From then on Joe Bloggs becomes one of Roche and Roller's most prompt paying customers.

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