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Please note aQtive is no longer a trading company.   This site is maintained as a legacy only.

an Intranet story

the setting - one day - without onCue - with onCue

without onCue

find the customer id

Damian first opens up the customer database and uses it to search for Joe Bloggs.

When the customer record is returned, he writes down the customer id on a piece of paper.

Damian closes the database and moves on to the next step.

trying to understand that system!

Damian opens up the order tracking database wanting to find the most recent orders for Joe Bloggs. Although he had been shown how to use this recently he is rather confused. The customer's order ref is the usual key and he was taught how to use this, but he does not know how to look for orders by customer id. He can't get it to limit the orders shown or sort them according to date.

ask for help

After trying several things, he gives up and asks Kathy his supervisor for help. This interrupts her work, but she helps straightaway as she knows it is important to keep their customers happy. She quickly shows him the right screen, then leaves him to type the the customer ID into the system and then returns to her desk.

Damian looks at the order and sees that it is ready for dispatch, but hasn't been sent. He goes to dispatch and tells them to send it at once, then calls the customer to say the goods are on their way.

One happy customer!

later that day …

Kathy receives an irate phone call from the Finance Director - "your department has just authorised a shipment to Joe Bloggs, don't you check anything - he owes £10,000 and his account has been on hold for weeks. You''ll hear more from me at the next company management meeting."

If only Kathy had asked Doreen to check on this rather than Damian. Doreen uses onCue on her desktop.

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